Insight and Analysis

Financial institutions operate in a dynamic environment. Explosive growth in data and processing power are occurring alongside rapidly-evolving consumer preferences and increased regulatory scrutiny. These conditions are the new normal and present opportunities as well as threats. Whether are you are a global bank or established fintech, our expert team can help you evaluate new opportunities, manage risk and design product and customer-level strategies.

Customer-Level Valuation

Maintaining accurate valuations for complex financial products is challenging but critical for optimal decision making and accurate forecasting. Developing valuations across multiple inter-connected products to give a holistic customer-level view is state of the art and can provide competitive advantage that will inform your overall strategy. We use granular historical performance, behavior, credit bureau, and alternative data to create accurate predictions for the value of customer acquisitions and customer treatment strategies.

Product Design and Testing

Understanding the performance sensitivities for different product features can come with high opportunity costs and long lead times. Full Spectrum can develop testing and monitoring plans to maximize learnings, pull forward insights and minimize costs. We have extensive experience across markets and exogenous environments, and we have proven frameworks to evaluate complex, multi-product interactions and existing customer relationships.

Portfolio Management

We take a holistic approach to portfolio management: evaluating business cycle timing, competition, investor relations and growth appetite to help clients achieve target loan economics. Engagements can focus on the existing back-book, current acquisition strategies or the roles and responsibilities of the first, second and third lines of defense in the risk governance process. We also provide temporary placements to fill critical executive roles managing portfolio performance and credit risk.